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All you need to know about the Spanish citizenship

To have the Spanish nationality means to be a citizen of Spain with all the rights and duties established in the country’s constitution. It means to be able to reside freely within the Spanish territory and to acquire the inherent rights of the European Union. You can vote, enjoy the social privileges and the help of lawyers and real estate agents like www.realestatelawyersinspain.com to help you buy properties and settle in.

Besides all that, as a Spanish citizen, you are equal under the law without discriminations based on any birth reason, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition.

How to obtain it

The Spanish residence can be acquired in one of three reasons: by origin, by option or by residency.

  • By origin: This are the ones acquired from the moment of birth. And is given to those of Spanish parents. Certain conditions apply for the birth of babies with non-Spanish parents.
  • By option: Those whose parents are of Spanish origin can apply for a citizenship by option. This is also applicable for those you are under the legal responsibility of a Spanish citizen. This can only be solicited by the person interested if this person is over 14 years old.
  • By Residency: This is given to those foreigners who have resided in Spain for over 10 years legally (with a visa or residency permit).

Double citizenship

One of the rights of being a Spanish citizen is that you get to keep your original citizenship. However, the person interested must consult if the double nationality is allowed on his or her country of origin or if that nationality would be lost once the Spanish one was acquired.

If you want to acquire the Spanish citizenship for personal reasons or maybe in hopes on investing and having your own business, it is best if you take time of your schedule to make a visit there. Take into consideration that even when it is for a visit, you will need to provide and get certain documents like a nie number (easily acquired in www.nienumber.biz) and other ones that can be done with the help of a lawyer.

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